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We right the wrongs & help you get access to justice

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No Win, No Fee

No Win, No Fee

Don’t pay a penny if you don’t win

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Have you suffered from pressure sores?

Our Medical & Clinical Negligence Team can help you get the right treatment, whether you’ve been let down by the NHS Hospital Trusts or private medical staff. Most of our cases are on a no win, no fee agreement.

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Can pain really be switched off?

Scientist at Cambridge University are very close to be able to bring to the market a drug that is able to switch off pain without any side effects. They have researched those people who were born with a congenital insensibility to pain, ...

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Court awards £164,000 to woman who was disinherited by her mother.

This week there has been a highly publicised ruling by the Court of Appeal in which it awarded £164,000 from the estate of the late Melita Jackson to her estranged daughter Heather Ilott, despite her having made a valid Will leaving eve ...

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